Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Complete Guide to Starsky & Hutch

A friend convinced me to start watching Starsky & Hutch. It is a TV show about cops, and it is from the 70s. Here are the key elements of any episode of Starsky & Hutch.

Starsky and Hutch

Starsky and Hutch are two cops who catch bad guys. They are the best of friends. In this picture they are dressed up as pimps, but they are pretty outrageous dressers under normal circumstances.


Starsky is a cop who catches bad guys. Sometimes he is a dork, which is funny. He likes to eat a lot.


Hutch is a cop who catches bad guys. He is very friendly with women. Sometimes he makes fun of Starsky.

Blonde Woman

There is a different blonde woman in every episode. Usually she is in danger and needs some help from Starsky and Hutch. She will grow attached to Starsky and Hutch, but she will have to go at the end of the episode.

Bad Guys

Every episode has a different group of bad guys. To the show's credit, the bad guys aren't usually ethnic or cultural outsiders. Instead, they are briefcase-toting profiteers who run one underground business or another.

Starsky and Hutch must figure out who the bad guys are, trap them, and then fight them in order to save the day. Starsky and Hutch are pretty good fighters, even though the bad guys are normally the ones who are armed.

Cool Car

Starsky and Hutch drive around a lot in cool cars. Most of the show's Wikipedia page is filled with discussion of what kinds of cool cars they drive.

The Station

The station is so boring! Who wants to be cooped up in a station when they could be out catching bad guys? The station bears a strong resemblance to every other indoor set on the show.


Dobey runs the station and asks Starsky and Hutch if they are sure they know what they're doing. He is kind of like their dad.


This is more like it! Sand-coloured buildings and a suspiciously cloudless sky. California is a great place to drive around, if you're not being tailed.

Huggy Bear

Huggy is a cool guy. He runs a fun restaurant downtown, so he always knows the word on the street. Huggy only appears briefly in most episodes, but he is most people's reason for watching Starsky & Hutch.

The above description is probably all there is to know about Starsky & Hutch. If you feel compelled to actually watch an episode, this one is my favourite.

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