Sunday, 8 April 2012

Something I should say more often

You're good.

You're good, and I like you. If I haven't paid attention or listened properly, or if I've ignored your birthday or I haven't tried out your favourite music, then I hope I haven't let you down. I've been occupied with myself for so long. But you deserve my attention, because you're good.

You might think that you're a mess or that you don't have your game together, or even worse, you might think that people don't like you. And I can't speak for everyone, but I'm pretty sure we all like you. And you actually seem to have a lot of things figured out. If I could do all the stuff you can do, I'd be in a very strong position in life.

I know I get general or hazy sometimes when I try to pay you a compliment. I'll just say that you're working hard out there, or that you're "getting it done," or even just that you're good. But this is because I don't want to get too personal, or just because I've been too involved with just myself and haven't paid you more attention.

People are often very, very nice to me. I heard from a friend, maybe a month ago, that every teacher in high school really liked me. And it's really great to have that going on, and I hope you can have it too -- I hope it's happening to you already. Frankly, from knowing how people treat me, and from knowing what both of us are like, I can't see how you wouldn't deserve to be treated just as nicely.

This is sort of a fluffy twee thing to write, and it might come off insincere since I haven't written it to you personally, so I hope you'll trust me that I think this of you. If you doubt these sentiments coming from me, then I hope you can think of other people who know you better than I do and realize that they think this of you.

If you have anything coming up today that's going to worry you or stress you out, I can't promise that it will be easy, but I really hope it won't make you feel bad about yourself. Feeling bad about yourself is always terrible, and it's also always wrong. There are a lot of people who know that you're good, even if you don't want to fish for the compliments, and even if you don't believe them when you hear them.

Please like yourself, today and every day. It would be an enormous shame if you didn't know that you really are very good.

Brendan is just trying to keep it positive.

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