Monday, 27 August 2012

Stories from the Ottawa Sun

by Jenna Jarvis

every year, there's summer trouble
across (or in) the river
in quebec, after Victoria Day:

there are students
(that word means trouble—
hot-buttons and trouble)

there was a fire
            in a family house,
there's been a triple-murder
            in a boarding house;

there are more details forthcoming

to dampen the mood of another
crushing humid summer,

to forestall an indian summer,
after the killing

of that global


Jenna Jarvis is a fourth-year English student at Carleton University. Her poetry has appeared in print in In/Words Magazine and online at and

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  1. It was always my dad's joke whenever we did something reckless to say something like, Cut that out, I don't want to be on the front of the Ottawa Sun tomorrow. --Brendan