Saturday, 4 August 2012

The Living Dead

by Bandita

She rattled my cage
Shook it loud
Shook it fierce
She rattled my cage
Shook me up
Set me free

I saved her from herself
That's what she said
I know I didn't
She did it all by herself
But I did cushion her landing
Ease her re-entry
That I did

I rattled her cage
Shook it gently
Shook it soft
I rattled her cage
Shook her up
Set her free

She saved me from myself
That’s what she did
I know she didn't
I did it all by myself
But she did cushion my landing
Ease my re-entry
That she did

Friends in the dark
Friends in the smoke
Lingering fumes
In a deserted hair salon
Mysterious delivery explained
Painful explanation delivered

We rattled our cages
Shook them good
Shook them loose
We rattled our cages
Shook ourselves up
And walked free
To live
To die


Dedicated to HQ.

Last night, we both went forward,
blind woman, lame woman.
And she ate. And that was good.

"When a blind man carries a lame man, both go forward."

-- Swedish Proverb

Once upon a blue moon cast over dark lustful nights, Bandita lived and shenaniganed in Centretown. She now occasionally revisits Centretown to drag sleepy stupored young men out of their haze and into the Light.


  1. Quick image credit: that's Elective Affinities by Rene Magritte. --BM

  2. Love the image, me and eggs and cages and all!

  3. Oh, that poem really deserved a nice image. Our other Bandita poem should be up soon :D. --B